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Why a Bike Fit?

Are you looking to purchase a new bike or just wanting to ensure that your current bike is setup correctly? Then a bike fit could be the answer, with so many different brands available today and everyone not being the same, a bike fit is a great way to resolve any little cycling related niggles you might have, you could be looking at a size chart that puts you between sizes. With a bike fit you can remove some of the guess work and also help to alleviate any pain that you might be experiencing.

With each person being different, some have short legs, some short torsos, or struggling to reach your bars or even struggling to reach the brakes. One person might pedal a little bit differently to others and some have one leg shorter than the other and never knew it! Regardless, with our professional help comfort on the bike is achievable, even more so if injuries influence how your bike should be set.

Being how bikes are designed, this means that they are very adaptable with every part you touch on your bike being adjustable or easy to changed, altered or moved to fit you better. Using the Shimano powered bike fit we can ensure a glove like fit between you and your bike.

About Our Bike Fit

Here at Pedal Power Ipswich we believe the fit is the most important part of your bike purchase, with a professional bike fit helping eliminating bad posture, increasing comfort and improving performance.

Using Shimano’s technical equipment to ensure the very best results from your fitting experience, being able to base the system of the type and style of riding this allows you to be the driving force, with our Shimano trained fitters offering you the same level of biometric and mechanical support as some of the best professional riders in the peloton.

As used by Team SKY, BMC Racing, Cannondale EF Pro Cycling Team, Team Dimension Data and many more.

Enhance overall comfort
Prevent new injuries
Protect old injuries
Eliminate saddle discomfort
Eliminating pain and numbness

Eliminating discomfort
Reduce rider fatigue
Improve efficiency
Increase performance
Advance experience


Cleat Fit - £30.00

Fitting and setting up your shoe cleats correctly is vital to power transfers and avoiding repetitive knee & hip injury.

Take the guesswork and possible injury from your cycling with a Cleat Fit, which includes
• Gait analysis
• Power transfer
• SCA length
• Relive foot pain
• Cleat position
• Cleat alignment

Full Bike Fit - £150.00

A professional bike fit is the only way to Improve comfort, reduce the chance of injury and increase output.

Using the Shimano powered fit system will ensure the perfect position, the fitting session is based from the details below

• Static fitting
• Ten point measurement
• Custom frame calculator
• Frame size selector
• On-bike analysis
• Full static fitting
• Bike customisation
• Comfort & race fitting
• Cleat fit included

Second bike fit - £100.00

Have you already had a bike fit but need the position tweaked? Or maybe 2nd bike or looking to purchase?

Our 2nd bike fit ensures a perfect fit across your stable of bikes.

• Already purchased a full fit?
• Bought a new bike?
• Use another bike and would like a fitting on the 2nd bike?
• A fitting done to your new or 2nd bike at a dramatically reduced price