Cycle Speedway

Way back in time this was the pinnacle of cycle speedway bikes!
Ace Cycle Speedway by Mike Baugh.
Move forward in time and now we have the Pedal Power Cycle Speedway bike.
Without doubt there are some similarities!
We have made some important geometry changes to improve the handling but more importantly the new wheel size.
All enquiries to info@pedalpowercycles or call 01473 610500
Currently October 2023 supply is difficult to say the least but 10 frames are on order.
Handlebars, pedals and 33T direct mount chainrings.
These can be purchased from
Chris at Cycle Speedway Accessories - UK
Cody Chadwick - AUSTRALIA
Handlebars £37.50 plus shipping
Pedals £29.00 per pair plus shipping
33T Sram Direct Mount Chainrings £95.00 plus shipping (ONLY 1LEFT)