Our Bike Brands

We are very proud of our bike suppliers but we cannot hold all models from all brands in stock at any one time. 
Below are the external links so you can browse what is available to us.
We generally order in approximately 75% of all bike we sell therefore its worth looking at all our brands so you cam make the correct selection for what is required.
Please call us to discuss your requirements, we are ready to help.

Speak to the team on 01473 610500


Orbea have been making bikes of race winning quality since the 1930s, and continue to make a fantastic range of bikes, from MTBs to road racers and everything in between. With alloy and super lightweight carbon fibre frame options for both road and mountain bikes, Orbea have the bases covered when it comes to options for different budgets, making sure any rider will find their dream bike in the Orbea range


Merida Bikes

Merida is one of the best known and respected bike manufacturers in the world and are one of the very few brands that have their own factory. With over 25 years of experience and development, Merida bikes benefit extensive manufacturing know how to deliver high-quality bikes at very competitive prices.

Open Cycles

At OPEN, their motto is “working hard to stay small”. They have both done the “big company” thing, and saw it was time for something different. They design the bike they want to ride ourselves, producing them, selling them to like-minded people and that’s it.

Staying small allows them to focus on what matters: Product development, taking care of customers (shops and consumers), and not much else. No sponsorship's, no marketing, no complete bikes, no flashy offices or employees; they simply don’t have the time for any of that.

So if the simplicity of nice bikes, nice rides, nice company and nothing else are what you’re after too, then speak to us about OPEN.


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