Size & Source

Let us help you select the correct size of bike online, build it, check it and give it a free six-week tune-up.

All for only £79.00

Size & Source is a new way to buy a bike online. Using our experience and access to a 28,000 strong bike geometry database we can take the guess work out of buying a bike online.

We will even help you find the bike of your choice at the best possible online price and arrange delivery to us, so no waiting in for the driver!

Size & Source Taking the guesswork out of buying online. This service is for new bikes post 2018.

A Chat
A brief consultation about the type of riding you're thinking of doing.

A Bodyscan
Undertake a full body size scan using our system from Shimano. The No.1 in performance diagnostics and positioning analysis.

Frame Size
We consult our Shimano database of ALL bike brand geometries and recommend the correct frame size and model for your chosen brand.

You can search the internet at home for hours to find the bike you want. You then order it.

Delivered to our premises (you don’t want to waste a days holiday)

We Build it
Once delivered, we ensure all parts are correct. We build it, then you collect it.

Six Week Safety Check
After six weeks bring it in and we'll re-index and re-tension brake/gear cables after they have bedded in.

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