Velorimuk Tyre and Tube Recycling

We are committed to making every effort to ensure our business is environmentally sustainable. To help reduce the effect on landfill by dumping thousands of tonnes of scrap tyres we have become a Velorim recycling centre. 
In addition to disposing tyres from jobs in our workshop, bicycle tyres and tubes can now be dropped off at the store in one of our recycling bins. When the bins are full we arrange for collection and guarantee none will go to landfill, none are incinerated and none are exported


The tyres are shredded and granulated which separates them into each constituent: rubber, steel and fibre. They are then destined to be repurposed in safety flooring, construction and insulation. The most exciting output is that the rubber will be reprocessed into viable new raw materials known as Velo-Butylene™ and Velo-SBR™, both of which can be used to manufacture new products. For more info about Velorim go to 
There is a small levy to cover the cost of logistics currently £1.50 for tyres and £1.00 for tubes.