Argon 18 and Litespeed titanium frame sets now available to build to your specifications including FREE bike fit


Servicing Work from £10.00

Gears not working? Brakes need adjusting? Puncture repair? 

We can do individual jobs that suit what you need. If it is a service you need we can do that too.

Apart from our standard services we can do almost anything to a bike that doesn't involve welding or brazing the frame. The services are charged at £40 an hour - and we work to the nearest 15 minutes/£10.00. Among the procedures we regularly carry out are the following:

Upgrading existing components on current bike
Build-up of new frame and components
Wheel build
Puncture repair
Fitting a new headset
Headset service
Swapping a cassette
Gear re-indexing
Brake re-alignment
Fitting new bottom bracket
Fitting bar tape
Fitting chain
Wheel true
Hub service


Elite Service What's Included for £70

• Seatpost clean/refit
• Nuts and bolt check and torque
• Drivetrain degrease
• Minor buckles in wheels
• Chainset check and torque
• Gear service
• Brake service
• Tyre inspection
• Inflate tyres
• Lubrication of moving parts
• Rozone Hot Wash

Pro Service What's Included for £120.00

• Full frame stripdown & rebuild
• Seatpost clean/refit
• Cockpit check and torque
• Drivetrain removal & clean
• Wheels trued in jig
• Bottom bracket removed and refitted
• Hub service
• Headset service
• Gear service
• Brake service
• Tyre inspection
• Inflate Tyres
• Full bike clean, wax and polish
• As new with one free safety check
• Rozone Hot Wash