Our Workshop and Repair Services


With our fully functional workshop and repair area, we are able to carry out all types of servicing, checks and bike builds to your requirements.

We can do any individual job that is required or if it is a service you need we can do that too.

Below are some of the services that we offer from only £10.00, some of the tasks we carry out are below:

Build-up of new frame with components - Upgrading existing components on current bike - Wheel building, truing or service - Fitting a new headset - Fitting new bottom bracket, bar tape or chain - Headset service - Swapping over of cassette - Gear indexing - Brake re-alignment - Puncture repair

Level 1 - £50.00


Gears: Adjustment

Brakes: Adjustment

Chains: Lubricated

Wheels & Tyres: Inspected for wear & defects, tyres inflated

Bike: Nut and bolt check


Level 2 - £85.00

Includes L1 Service plus:

Bike Frame: Inspected for defects

Drive Train & Components: Removed, RoZone Hotwash Cleaned [New components fitted FOC]

Wheels & Spokes: Trued & re-tensioned


Level 3 - £180.00 inc. Ceramic Coating

Includes L1 & L2 Service plus:

Bike: Striped down and rebuilt

Bike Frame and Wheels: Frame washed and polished, wheels removed RoZone Hotwash cleaned, frame ceramic coated.

Wheels & Hubs: Checked and greased (bearings replaced if required)

Bottom Bracket: Checked and greased (bearing replaced if required)

Headset Checked and greased (bearings replaced if required)


Cable pricing applies on ALL servicing levels as required [single or multiple]

Mechanical External Gear and Brake fitting £11.00 each [plus price of inner and outer]

Mechanical Internal Gear and Brake fitting £24.20 each [plus price of inner and outer]

Hydraulic Internal Brake Cable fitting £52.20 each [plus price of hose and compression joints]

Hydraulic brake bleed only £28.00 each

All servicing prices exclude the cost of additional parts