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Equipe RS Winter Jacket Johdah

Equipe RS Winter Jacket Johdah

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The Assos Equipe RS Winter Jacket combines innovative materials, a highly sophisticated construction and an ergonomic fit to result in a tremendously refined performance for dedicated year-round riders within cold, fast-paced riding scenarios. As such, it is not a jacket designed for maximum insulation, but rather one which works brilliantly when working hard in cold conditions and can be paired with other inner or outer layers and conditions dictate. 

Dual-layer material arrangements that feature the windproof and water-repellent SPHERE textiles, as well as insulating linings, are featured on the front, the upper back and the forearm panels to grant total protection from the winter weather. These materials are also highly breathable to keep the rider dry from the inside, even during more intense efforts. Supplementing the primary materials are the ZigZaggy foam textile, that protects the upper arms, and the OSMOS Heavy fabric that thoroughly insulates the kidney and pelvis area. 

All of these textile panels are linked together via Assos' aeroFIT pattern. This cut follows the contours of the body comfortably when in the riding position to significantly lower aerodynamic drag. The Raw-Cut waist hem complements this advanced fit by seamlessly integrating with other clothing layers. At the same time, this hem also possesses a bi-modular elastic construction to keep the jacket perfectly positioned at all times.

Diffusor valves are sewn into the front of the shoulders and this channels a metered amount of air through the jacket's layers to enhance breathability and moisture-wicking. The temperature regulation theme continues with the Thermobooster Pod pocket. This pouch stores extra clothing layers neatly within the centre back panel so that they can be taken out and worn during colder conditions.

Three back pockets store ride essentials and feature lids to protect the contents from the elements while a double slider zip completes the jacket by allowing personalised levels of ventilation.


  • A highly advanced, multi-layer jacket that provides protection and comfort during higher intensity riding in the winter
  • SPHERE Light and Tibet materials combine on the front panel to give insulation, total wind and waterproofing and breathability
  • Heavier SPHERE Medium and Rhombus fabrics are positioned on the upper back and forearms to provide warmth and are windproof, water-repellent and highly breathable
  • ZigZaggy Foam features on the upper arms with its foam core and fleece interior blocking the wind and providing warmth
  • OSMOS Heavy is used for the lower back panel and is highly insulating
  • aeroFit is a speed-focused aerodynamic fit that may feel restrictive off the bike but feels like a second skin while riding
  • Raw-Cut waist seamlessly integrates with your additional layers
  • A wide, bi-modular elastic hem flexes more along the side than in the middle to give a secure hold
  • Diffusor “valves” sewn into the fronts of the shoulders, draw in cool air for added ventilation.
  • Three Triple Ramp rear pockets store ride essentials and have lids to protect the contents
  • Thermobooster Pod is a fourth pocket along the central back panel and stores additional clothing layers
  • Double-Slider Zip is offset at the collar for added comfort and can be opened fro the top or bottom for tailored ventilation
  • Assos Climarange: Winter 3/3
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